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M.G.B Landscaping & Grading is a residential and commercial grading and landscaping construction company operating out of Germantown, Wisconsin. Our mission is to make our client’s vision a reality through reliable and quality of work. We provide superior customer service resulting in high satisfaction. We do this by listening to our client’s needs, giving professional input, and explaining our process to achieve the outdoor space you dreamed of. Your imagination is your limit.

M.G.B Landscaping & Grading offers many different services which gives our clients the advantage of dealing with one contractor, not three or four. Why pay multiple parties when one phone call will suffice? Another advantage to using our “one-stop-shop” service is you don’t have to wait for one company to finish their work and then hope the next contractor can start their work immediately after the previous company, which is not often the case. We can go from part 1 to part 2 of a project with no down time and in most cases we can work on multiple phases of a project simultaneously. This means we finish the job and you can start enjoying your new outdoor space sooner.

M.G.B Landscaping & Grading is located in Germantown, WI and serves Washington, Ozaukee, Milwaukee, and Waukesha counties.

Retaining Walls

M.G.B Landscaping & Grading is an NCMA SRW (Sentimental Retaining Wall) Certified installer. Meaning we have taken further educational classes, passed testing and have exceeded…

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Grading & Excavating

M.G.B Landscaping & Grading provides unique solutions to your excavating and grading needs. If you need your yard installed or looking to…

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Landscaping Services

Not only does our landscaping look amazing and attractive it also adds value to your home and business. M.G.B Landscaping & Grading can make…

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