Compost Top Dressing

What is Top Dressing?

Top dressing is an application of compost or a blend of soil/compost/sand onto existing turf.

Why Top Dress with Compost?

Revitalize Your Lawn!

Compost significantly increases soil’s water retention, improves the overall soil structure, stimulates microbial activity, breaks down thatch, and neutralizes the soil’s pH. It is simply the best, natural, sustainable, slow-releasing soil amendment that encompasses everything turf needs to thrive and be lush and green. Compost is also organic, pet and environmentally friendly. Great for lawns and sports fields.

Why is it better than fertilizers?

If fertilizer is not applied correctly they can burn your lawn. Top Dressing with compost wont burn your lawn.

Fertilizers pollute waterways from fertilizer run-off. Compost does not “run-off” and is organic.

fertilizers can make pets sick. Compost is all natural and won’t hurt humans or pets.